Terracotta sculptures

Here, I put on raiku ceramics, created between 2014 and 2018. I have always wanted to build heads. Imaginary characters live in my mind and in my living space. It is a dialog with a part of myself that I meet as the wads goes by. Thanks to my hand, they build the sculpture in the round. I learned this technique in Hubert workshop in Soissons. He taught us the technique that Camille Claudel used. We can feel the presence of the artist in Hubert’s atelier, near Soissons, the city of Fère in Tardenois.

I started sculpting in Delatour school in Saint Quentin, modeling and stone. Weekly round trips and kilometers didn’t help, but thanks to a friend (Claudine), I got lucky enough to hear about a closer workshop. I kept on exploring ceramics there.

Terra Cotta,

Masks, The Masquinyles

The salvage art sometimes allows new ideas, as I work on masks for several years. Vinyls that reached my workshop made me try new things. For example, a contemporary mask as a modern XXIst century work of art.
« Masquinyl 3 » is a version of transformations and metamorphosis of the original mask. The recovery object becomes the occasion to challenge the ethnic in the modern world, as it became a universe of exchange of materialities left and right.

Installations et fossiles

The fossils are a set of plaster of obsolete objects imprisoned by time, they are presented individually or in the form of installations depending on the place, or the inspiration of the moment.

With Stones,

Painting weaves the sculpture, painting becomes sculpture,

The paintings become installations, the occasion for cut-outs, collages, weavings and giant books.