I used photography a lot for my researches on pictorial compositions. I initially used pictures to create installations called the «plastocollages », but also other ones that were shown on several exhibitions.
During my training courses, I had the opportunity to exploit this medium and I discovered that photography could have its own existence.

I started with abstract photography that kept me busy for more than a year. I was taking pictures and writing texts as a comment. From thoughts to takes and from pictures to words, I ended up writing a whole book.
The photograph underneath is a close-up shot of glass stones that I discovered with Sophie. Sophie is a friend who works in glass recycling factory. This facility collects raw substances and make bottles in a giant oven. Materials and sand melt and merge in it. When the ovens are cleaned, colorful glass stones are collected to be ground and be raw materials again for our bottles, panes and other containers.

These transparent shapes become natural as cristalline rock again. From this abstraction, many things arise in my heart: my environment roots but also histories of an object, of an occupation, of many people.

This photograph is part of the set called «photographic abstractions.» I tried to take pictures of the elements: in this part, we’ll be dealing with the wind.

My history caught me up : firstly on account of the place I live in (I live near the Coucy Château.). Secondly because my occupation focused on memory, trace and time. You may say it doesn’t have anything to do with it?
I found questionings on the photographic moment, time, camera and off-cameras shots, landscapes and the castle: all of them were endlessly present in my environment. The Great War centenary inauguration, my readings on psycho-genealogy and many walks with my First World War History passionate uncle Serge also inspired me.
There are often medieval festivals in the Coucy castle, and they are opportunities for me to take pictures and create slide shows.

Medieval festivals in Coucy Castle are the basics of my digital collages: I took all of my pictures there.
Ghostly image that connects the present and the past in a single moment
A Unicorn on the wall of ramparts, in the back of the square tower

In addition, I kept on doing photographic walks in numerous bric-a-brac in the surrounding areas. I kept on exploring the memory of this place, of the present and past lives.

This is the picture of a 50s Teddy Bear that my friend Claudine treasured. I took this picture in her previous home. It is part of the bric-a-brac set and of the pleasure of discovering ancient objects.

During the commemoration of the centenary old the Ladies Way, I kept on creating photomontage while implementing superposition to highlight the impact of memory in the present time. When I gather several moments of history and present time (the moment when I take the picture), I become aware of our cells’ weight: history of our family, of our country and of the human evolution. I become aware of the suffering wars and of the humanity changes that were caused, and I treasure the piece who has been brought back.
No, in Picardie, we cannot forget bombs that fell on this ground, because of tons that were released in this region and in the Aisne Department, that are still visible. Our heart stands in solidarity with all of humanity, and our conscience knows how fragile it can be.

A glimpse into the external events can convey us to seek within ourselves the causes of these thunderclaps. History projected itself on my personal experience with pyschogenealogy and psychoanalysis. This trace of conscience can be read in «self- portraits», where I explored my outer and inner «image.»
This photograph comes from a superposition too, but one of the them is part of the whole, that I create with a Processing open source software.

The ultimate researches represent a work on the totem animal. This time, I portrayed my family and friends. These editings constitute the basis of pictures and drawings beginning, cause I exclusively create montages for a specific person. These are customised pictures for events, wedding, natal charts and cosmic identity card.

Portrait with a lion, the king of the jungle who supports the person in its reflection and integrates the animal’s force and nobility thanks to the image.

I produce this type of personal editing to order. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information!

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