Painting mazes

My research on the labyrinth has occupied me for a good decade. Following my master’s thesis, I continued to focus on this theme, because it seemed to me that I had not been able to complete my questioning. The LABYRINTH came to me by imposing itself as a subject in order to determine the path that my painting should take. And yes indeed! I was lost!

The time was ripe to put together the pieces of my life’s desires. I realized that it is not so easy to know yourself, to be, to show, to appear, to let go and to exist. I fly over my life and here I am without warning in the depths of my own chaos. I explore labyrinths and paths as if to search for oneself in the paths of being. The paths of discovery towards one’s self.

When I paint, I approach and then distance from my self, as if the act of painting could be the imprint of spirit turned into matter. An idea interests me, a form calls out to me and inspires me, the form, the gesture, the shape and the gesture, the assembly, the glue, the varnish, the water, the fire, the pigment, the light, shadows, reflections, blacks …

I create series of paintings, I open a door, I walk down a path and like a sculpture, gradually the composition is tuned, the idea is refined and the expression speaks to the senses. From a direct image, ideas arise in my brain and in my hands; games of symbols and references to myths, tools, materials and other satellites, revolve in my thought. I remain focused, receptive, I am the brush and the brush has a way of saying without words, the features of a silent expression.

The connection may not be obvious in this painting, it still stays closer to the target. The outline is made of a collage of puzzle pieces and the paint used is called encaustic. So here, I use the materials extracted from the myth of Icarus, by using wax.
I come into observation with my way of painting. I compose series of drawings and paintings on various supports. My mind plays with shapes and my hands eagerly experiment techniques, tools, textures and materials …

I work on small formats which I then, assemble into a larger composition. Each surface is a new beginning, a new medium, where drawings of different papers are added, in order to place the pillars of the composition. Each drawing is a path. The kilometer distance of the roads is the representation of the route.

The assemblages and collages are spaces for research of materials, materials, woolen strings, feathers, waxes… They vibrate through their textures, fill the frame with colored notes.

The painting becomes the visible projection of my universe. The materials around me are encrusted in collages, photographs, broken vinyl records, threads and strings, wools, photocopies and various images; It is a trail in the exploration of matter; from there, I will begin to dismiss shapes or lines, as I create my designs until the object is completely vanished.

The material refers to myths. Paths and creative paths are populated by signs, where forms are invented and contemporary writing lines surge. From sign to symbol and from symbol to signs, there is a wealth of iconography. Hence, I express myself in a journey of creations, revealing my devotion to the expression of the random and to wild nature, in a out of control mode.

Rupture, chaos, sudden fall and clash of ideas, search for peace, realization of one’s inner being, a mishmash then, chaos gives way to calmness. Labyrinths, targets, mandalas, snails, spirals, so many signs to find one self.

From collages to tears, I create a space that I erase and cover up again, like changes in painting, with lines and reliefs settled in successive layers. Papers, the sounds of torn papers, crumpling, newspapers from all countries, the work becomes a journey made up of choices and doubts.

The painting is built with changes, traces of doubts, expressing one’s difficulties in finding its way, its inner core, and meeting there, the struggle of spirit versus matter, as well as living in a constant rebirth of the expression of one’s being.

The power of creation – marveling at what the brain releases; body, hand and eyes – becomes a universe of multiple choices.

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