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For a good two years I have been painting according to my aspirations but the constant remains that each time I create a series of themes, or techniques. Here is the first page which groups the various themes that you can then explore via the page dedicated to them.


When I was studying art in Paris, I had to write a thesis and I chose « the labyrinth as a working method ». I had to be aware of the way we paint and I must say that this did not suit me at all, so I used the myths surrounding this symbol, signs and drawings to explore the theme and build my research.

« This painting shows the transition between the paintings around the labyrinth and the drips that come later in the Aqua Evocare series ».

Aqua Evocare

Following the labyrinths, the drips arrived and I explored the wash technique in various ways in order to enhance the painting without the gesture and to work on the letting go in my creation by trying to include the search for the divine or to rub shoulders with the universal or creative intelligence. Experiences that led me somewhere else.

« Etirement » ink on cardboard.

Ad Parnassum

Traces, memories, roots…

I met Paul Klee’s painting and especially « ad parnassum » – 1932

then adopted it as a mascot or fetish work. Indeed with the discovery of the acrylic marker as well as my interest for the roots I started a series first by reworking my old paintings or paintings not finished I added points and especially small rectangles imaging the pixels.

I was forgetting; in the meantime, rather in parallel – because I explore several subjects at the same time – I have created some works (installations…postcards..collages) around the theme of roots. A logical extension for me from the labyrinth to the symbols, from the symbols to the myths, from the myths to the personal mythologies towards the roots and memories.

This mixed media painting, where a piece of canvas from one of my paintings and an old family photograph are glued together. The drips are still present and the pixels enter the composition. 2003

Animal Totem

Here I explore the link between animal and man, creations combining animals and faces, totemic roots of our human history.

Video on my painting…

Time Lapse

Aqua Evocare
The Labyrinths