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In my studio, 38 rue du village , Jumencourt, Francia

To used my artwork  you need to contact l’AdAGP (n°1057362)-


In this contemporary art space, you can discover a multidisciplinary painter who has been working for more than 30 years in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, collage and installations. She practices her passion in a studio in the countryside which serves as her private gallery. She creates multiple universes that make it difficult to define a style.

“Traces, memories, roots…I have explored abstract painting with the labyrinths and Aqua Evocare;

a research on traces, thanks to run offs. I started to introduce figurative forms, portraits invoking memory; and since then I am working with popular graphic elements, belonging to the cultural heritage, in order to develop a current and living language, roots of our time. My intention is to develop a personal visual language, in order to express my inner universe, my dreams and visions from my imaginary world. I wish to offer a colored idea of painting, imprinted with joy and gaiety.

I am inspired by my photographs to create my paintings, who then inspire me with my sculpture projects, and vice versa. Thus, a dialogue is set up between the three techniques that I essentially work with.”.

Today I decided to make this presentation setting out the many things and events that have built my life as an artist. As a child I wanted to express myself in an artistic field and I spent a lot of time tinkering with pencils, flowers, modeling clay, painting, the first memory of which I remember.was in kindergarten. Coming from a sporting background, I started by showing my interest to my parents with the dance that I practiced for a long time at school.

Teachers sometimes do not understand teenagers properly, so a fracture caused me toi go for change of expression and I started by changing rooms at the conservatory; and drawing charcoal plasters in Laon in the Aisne. So I studied in art schools and since then I have explored various techniques of the visual arts; that’s how I call myself a visual artist. For thirty years I paint, draw, photograph, sculpt engraving and installations … Recently I decided to refocus my activity and resume the works stored at the bottom of an attic, retouching them and to show the public who wants to watch the creations that I will present. So I open my workshop regularly to visitors.

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