Abstract photographs

I used photography a lot for my researches on pictorial compositions. I initially used pictures to create installations called the «plastocollages », but also other ones that were shown on several exhibitions.
During my training courses, I had the opportunity to exploit this medium and I discovered that photography could have its own existence.

I started with abstract photography that kept me busy for more than a year. I was taking pictures and writing texts as a comment. From thoughts to takes and from pictures to words, I ended up writing a whole book.
The photograph underneath is a close-up shot of glass stones that I discovered with Sophie. Sophie is a friend who works in glass recycling factory. This facility collects raw substances and make bottles in a giant oven. Materials and sand melt and merge in it. When the ovens are cleaned, colorful glass stones are collected to be ground and be raw materials again for our bottles, panes and other containers.

These transparent shapes become natural as cristalline rock again. From this abstraction, many things arise in my heart: my environment roots but also histories of an object, of an occupation, of many people.

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