Day by Day

I have devoted part of my years to teaching, during which time I have developed numerous exercises to offer students a wide range of techniques and open their way to creativity. Among the many areas I organised “stamp” workshops; these are drawing exercises where the use of stamps replaces pencils and felt-tip pens…. While hunting in flea markets I was able to collect stamps of various shapes and colours. When I prepare a course, I experiment with the technique downstream in order to base myself on empirical experience. This way I can see which stamps and inks work best and make discoveries and tests, then I put aside those that don’t work very well for this exercise. (I have made another use of it which I will explain later in a future article). I first set my sights on the date stamp. So I composed a few drawings, including the representation of the Château de Coucy below.

Between several shapes and designs, I ended up choosing mostly a “Day” stamp which I used to date my drawings. As it was too old and stopped at the year nineteen hundred, I used it as a brush. Then later on I recovered another “date” stamp with the years two thousand before it landed in a dustbin because administrations no longer use it.

Recently I have chosen to draw by insisting on the idea of living in the present and I am starting a series of day to day by drawing with an ink stamp on the date of the day.

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