Exhibition at Anizy 2019

May 4, 2019 begins my exhibition at Anizy, at the great Media library that greets me warmly. This time I present works developed between1998 and 2019. 2 years ago when Majorie and Sandrine came to my studio, we decided to show my work on books. Since then, this exhibition has been postponed until today. We are happy!! I had followed my research of paintings on the Labyrinth ( my subject of research at the College of Fine Arts); I decided to create collages from an old book, and for this rather time consuming work, I used the tap, yarn, inks and envelopes. This was the first … I did not introduce it, we have to make choices and as 2 books are already on this theme in larger format, I discovered later when I put my nose into computers in the 2000s(thanks to the yahoo groups) that this is commonly referred to out in the world , as the the Altered Book:
for a few years I did a lot of exchanges and showed the collective creations during my open doors that take place every first Sunday of every month for a year already! For this exhibition I selected my paintings-books, two of which follow labyrinths, first composed on photo albums, one unique then the other assembled with 2 albums, such as the books of my childhood. These create characters by changing the pages on 3 levels, books with moving shutters. I kept this idea of 4 moving panels to create larger format and plywood but this time on the theme of writing.

Installation in space. The scrolling of the text is deliberately very fast

Behind the reception desk my canvas Corbhumaine questions the librarians: “I look like that? why the raven above my head? Listening to my intuition when I set up an exhibition, I let myself be guided and this painting chose this place and after reflection, when my first brain sent the information to the second, I could intellectualize whilst enjoying the coordination of allowing my canvas to dialogue with. the person sitting in front of his office. Indeed the calcination of the animal and the human are a question regarding the place of living beings on this planet. Moreover, the bad image we have of the raven is interesting because it also questions the positive and the negative aspects of of the appearance, messenger of emptiness, link between the spirits and the man friend of the druids, this bird is misunderstood; Reconnecting with the knowledge of our ancestors brings insight and gives meaning to our lives and relationships. Everything is sacred in the living world and the shadow also shows us the path of light

Presentations of one of the videos showing on screen the contents of the book, the original of which is presented under a glass bell.

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