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An artistic performance is a behavioural artistic action undertaken by an artist (or artists) in front of an audience. The artist is said to be a performer or an actionist.

The work can be presented as a solo or group presentation, accompanied by lighting, music or visual elements created by the artist, alone or in collaboration, and produced in a wide variety of venues, from art galleries to museums and “alternative” spaces. The performance may be performed only once or rehearsed, may or may not be based on a script, may be improvised, or may have been rehearsed over a long period of time. It is an interdisciplinary artistic medium or tradition that has its origins in avant-garde artistic practices of the first half of the 20th century such as Futurism, Dada, Surrealism and the Bauhaus school, and has been at the forefront since the 20th century, and RoseLee Goldberg even speaks of “avant avant-garde”.
Live painting at the Open House on 2 June 2018

I wanted to make a painting “live” during an open door in my studio. A different animation in the way I present my work, so that the people watching can see the process of the creation on the spot, it took me about three quarters of an hour. The painting is acrylic and I finish in pastel on a sheet of paper two metres high and three metres wide. I improvised the painting which ended up becoming a tree.

Performance at the open house on June 2, 2018, painting created live without any preparatory sketches, on large format paper with acrylic paint.

Performance “One” at Lannemezan

During my work as an art therapist, I chose to propose an exercise that was the basis for the performance of March 8, 2019. We had created an exercise with a group of 5 teenagers. I present here the painting that was done during 3 hours. And I would like to thank the young people who enabled me to make this project a reality.

I was invited to Lannemezan for the Women’s Day on 8 March 2019. I exhibited some of my works, and I proposed to make a “live” painting in situ. I asked the speakers present to draw the outline of their body or a part of it along the day and then with my niece Eva we posed the colours. Entitled One, it was a way of leaving a trace of the event and the passage of the people present in a single space, as a whole. Not everyone participated and I must say that it is not easy to do this in a public place with strangers. But it was a nice and exhausting event.

PePerformance on 8 March 2019 in Lannemezan Women’s Day, related article

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